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Unsurpassed quality, instant rewards.

Thanks to government programs that reward energy-efficient homes – plus an increased focus on environmental responsibility – homebuyers are willing to pay more for energy efficient options and upgrades. As a result, your building/remodeling practices should address the increasing demand for more energy efficient and sustainable spaces.

Future Foam has a proven track record of delivering profitable, high-performance solutions that give builders and remodelers a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By offering superior insulation expertise and unrivalled product quality, Future Foam lets you deliver the green benefits your clients demand – energy efficiency, healthier indoor air quality and a quieter living environment. Plus, you can help your clients save up to 50% on monthly utility bills – an excellent incentive you can leverage when quoting on building and remodeling jobs.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Thanks to Future Foam’s use of Icynene insulation projects, we can inject the latest building technology into an older home to maximize energy efficiency while still preserving its original architectural charm.

ICYNENE LD-C-50"! is a spray formula designed for open wall cavities without existing insulation. This formula can be directly installed to fill all voids and gaps and create a seamless barrier against air leakage. ICYNENE LD-C-50"! goes one step further in green ans sustainable building. It is a renewable-based spray-foam insulation that offers even greater returns to your green remodeling projects.